Paul Hammant's info & links, in lieu of a business card

I am that widely-cited Trunk-Based Development and Monorepo expert, who co-created Selenium v1 in 2004, develops software generally for 31 years (including many new open-source tools), fills exec management roles, consults at and assesses corporates towards dialing up their software release cadence.

I recently co-founded a "new-bank" startup in Brazil, cutting the first code, staffing it up, and seeing it go-live and start to scale (with pivots) in a matter of months. As part of that, align all hires to a high-throughput way of working.

I also blog about architecture/design, agile, lean/TOC & flow, testing/testability, dependency injection, CI/CD, DevOps, team throughput, application strangulation, pseudo-declarative UI technologies, cookie-cutter scaling, merkle-trees, source-control generally, and more.

I'm ex of ThoughtWorks (12 years). And via them, Google's Test Mercenaries team.

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I am based in Edinburgh, UK. I lived and worked in the US for 14 years. I consult over video conferencing or fly to clients (when lockdown ends). Email me to talk: